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I Can't Decide...


...how to spend my tax return. Any suggestions???



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Clean Out Your Desk



‘Blue’ Environmentalism

The image “http://www.tropical-island.de/MZV%20Gunung%20Mulu%20national%20park%20moss%20covered%20trees%20in%20rainforest%20b.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

It was one of the earliest -- and most graphic -- attempts to blame
pollution on
overpopulation. In his classic book POPULATION BOMB,
Paul Ehrlich described an
evening he spent in Delhi, India: "The streets
seemed alive with people," he
wrote. "People eating, people washing . . .
people defecating and urinating. . .
. As we moved slowly through the mob . . .
the dust, noise, heat, and cooking
fires gave the scene a hellish aspect."
The solution, Ehrlich then concluded,
was compulsory population control.




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The conservative movement in America--the movement that elected
President George W. Bush and continues to change the political
landscape--is actually a coalition of different movements joined
together by a common rejection of liberalism. The movement
includes identifiable groups such as moral conservatives, social
traditionalists, neo-conservative transformationists, and libertarians.
Together, all reject the expansive power of the state and the idea
that government should serve as the centralizing principle within
the culture.

It was inevitable that these disparate groups would come into conflict
at some point, when the animating principles that govern each group's
worldview compete at the level of public policy and public debate.
Nothing exposes the basic conflicts between moral conservatives
and libertarians like the issue of sexuality.





Mystery and intrigue: an irresistible combination!
How do you begin to sort out fact from fiction?

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So Rich, So Needy

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A close friend of ours was in China recently on family
business. In the process, he had a wonderful opportunity
to worship with some Chinese believers in a Sunday church
service. It was a not-to-be-forgotten experience. They pointed
him to something he didn't even know existed in China -
a Christian bookstore. It was the only one in this large city.
It's hard to find, and it's stuffed into this very small space
on the fourth floor of a nondescript building - but it's
a Christian bookstore in China. Our friend commented
in an e-mail about the small number of Christian books
that were available there in Chinese. In addition to books,
they also had a small selection of Christian bookmarks
and refrigerator magnets with verses or inspirational
thoughts on them. There was one fridge magnet that
our friend absolutely could not, and cannot, get out
of his mind. Here in the midst of this great city in this
great land where Christians have paid such a price to
follow Jesus was a magnet that simply said, "Pray for
America." The only comment our friend had was this:
"How humbling."




First and Last

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Oscar Cullmann, a German New Testament scholar,
wrote a book titled Christ
and Time, where he makes
an insightful analogy. In every war, he explains,

there is a decisive battle that takes place, after
which the outcome of the
war is determined.
In World War II it was D-Day, because after that

momentous day the world knew how the war
would end. Even so, more people
died after
D-Day than before it. In fact, the darkest days
of World War
II were seen after that decisive battle.



Latest Office Equipment



Just When You Thought It Was Safe...







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My legs are rubber, knees about to buckle, calves cramping. In my delirium
I grope for a resting place but find nothing. I can't feel my toes. I see mirages –
chairs, benches; they flicker invitingly, only to vanish as I approach. I teeter
on the verge of fainting.
Suddenly a voice rings out from the blinding light:
"Oh stop acting like a baby! We've only been shopping for an hour."

I don't mind shopping if it's done the right way. My way - with the drive and
celerity of a military operation.

It's a familiar voice, a cruel voice — the voice of my wife, whose endurance
far exceeds mine on such days. For her the "Accessories" section at Nordstrom
is paradise. For me it's somewhere between the Sahara desert and Dante's
Seventh Circle of hell.




One day an environmentalist whacko UNC student went to a sea
restaurant and saw the tank where they kept the lobsters.

She took pity on these creatures and hid them in her purse.

Later she went to the woods to set the poor animals free!


Stare at the white filament for
20 seconds
and then close eyes!




Q. What kind of music do they play at a playground?

A. Swing

Q. What kind of music do they play at a soft drink factory"?

A. Pop.

Q. What kind of music do they play at a construction site?

A. Heavy metal.


In 1950 a tourist on his way to catch a ferry to Nantucket,
came to a fork in the road and stopped.
There was no sign indicating
which route went where.
Spotting Little Johnny by the road, he yelled
out, "Hey,
kid, does it matter which road I take to
"Not to me it don't." replied Little Johnny.




Marrying A UNC Grad


One day a husband was chiding his beautiful wife who
was a recent UNC grad about leaving her
keys in the
ignition of her car.

"But if I take them out of the car, I lose them!"

"Yes, dear, but what if someone steals your car?"
the husband countered.

"Oh, that's okay," the wife chirps happily, "I keep
a spare key in the
glove compartment!"


Young Son: "Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts
of Africa a man
doesn't know his wife until he marries

Dad: "That happens in every country, son."


What They Do All Day



When the Quarterback's a Referee

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It's unbelievable what a total cultural phenomenon the Super Bowl
has become in America. The whole country seems to stop for the
extravaganza surrounding the professional football championship
game. More avocados are consumed on that day than any other
of the year, for example, in guacamole dip at Super Bowl parties.
Commercial time sells for 2.4 million dollars for 30 seconds.
Big city water departments report major drops in water pressure
citywide at commercial times - as Americans take a simultaneous
bathroom break. Even many churches with Sunday night services
have decided they can't compete with the Super Bowl. Many have
chosen to have outreaches in the form of Super Bowl parties at their
church. Our local TV news covered one church where they're doing that.
Looking at the crowd, it was hard to distinguish which one was the pastor.
He was the one dressed in a black and white striped shirt - the pastor was
the referee!




Sampling Infinity

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There is a computerized salesman out there who thinks he has figured
out. It happened recently as I opened up one of my favorite websites,
online bookstore - and at that, the largest bookstore in the world.

"Welcome, Jill!" appeared in bold letters, jumping out as if I was their
best customer. And then below the bright greeting, it read confidently:
"We have some recommendations for you."



The Odds of Dying





All right now, during the Terri Schiavo case, ladies and gentlemen, I made a prediction to you. I said it won't be long -- and even during that week before she had died -- I said it won't be long, maybe this week, maybe soon thereafter, we're going to get a story about a bunch of beached whales, beached dolphins or something, and everybody is going to go crazy trying to save them, everybody going to go nuts. And I said it's going to be a great contrast here how we are on one hand starving an American citizen, a human being, and on the other hand a bunch of beached dolphins or whales are going to show up and people are going to go nuts, "Save them! Save them! Save them!" Well, it happened. Last night on CNN, an unreal report from John Zarrella. He covered the Schiavo case for CNN in Florida. This is a report about volunteers who are feeding beached dolphins through a feeding tube. We didn't hear any mention of euphoria experienced by these starving dolphins. What we have here is a montage of John Zarrella's report.

ZARRELLA: The dolphins needed her help. More than two dozen rough tooth dolphins required around-the-clock care. For 25-year-old Kate Banick and the others who came to save the dolphins, this was the most challenging, demanding part of the work, the animals in a penned off area of a rehabilitation facility had to be hand fed three times a day. Members of Banick's team held their mouths open with pieces of cloth as she fed them dead herring. To provide the required round-the-clock care, hundreds came to work four-hour shifts. The volunteers are in the pool 24/7 holding the animals and keeping their blowholes out of the water so they can breathe. A veterinarian injects the dolphins with vitamin E to help with muscle cramping. These mammals are unable to eat on their own. Kate Banick uses a feeding tube to get them the nutrition they need.

RUSH: Do you hear all of the sensitivity, the compassion, and the empathy for these animals in John Zarrella's report? Can you hear all that? Can you contrast that to the way the media at large reported the court ordered starvation of Terri Schiavo? I told you people that this was going to happen. I predicted it. I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body. I predicted it, and, lo and behold, it happens. It happens within two weeks of her death. "These poor animals, oh, these poor suffering animals, oh, they can't eat on their own. They have to be held up so their blowholes are held out of the water so they don't drown. Why she even had to insert a feeding tube." No mention of euphoria, no mention of how this was a pleasant way to die which is what the dolphins may want to do. Who actually knows? I just wanted to pass this on, ladies and gentlemen, and we're not through with this.

One more CNN report, this is from the bubbly one, Heidi Collins, whose report here on how the beaching of the dolphins may be the responsibility of the evil US military. Here's the first line of that report to give you an idea of their point.

COLLINS: Sonar became a staple of warfare in the 20th century, key to defending against submarine attacks. Sonar stands for sound navigation ranging. It's the use of sound waves to detect underwater objects from enemy subs to volcanoes. But some scientists are warning it may be an inadvertent weapon against whales and dolphins.

RUSH: Well, there you have it, we're killing the dolphins and courageous people are trying to save them out there with feeding tubes. So I just wanted to pass this on to you, folks, because I predicted this exact thing to you.


Just to put an exclamation point on this, folks, I want you to listen to two sound bites. We're going to replay John Zarrella and his empathetic plea for the dolphins to be saved and fed, and his respect for the people trying to save them versus his characterization of the protesters outside the hospice where Terri Schiavo was. This is March 23rd. It ran on Anderson Cooper 360, a montage of John Zarrella's report -- there's B-roll under it so you'll have to listen closely, but here he is discussing the protesters, people who hoped to save Terri Schiavo's life.

ZARRELLA: Police presence is everywhere and in numbers. For several weeks, Michael Schiavo has been under police guard. He has received death threats. Protesters have even staged rallies at Schiavo's house. Given the level of religious zealotry evident in the debate over Schiavo, there is reason for concern. Florida has seen its share of violence by extremists. In 1993, Michael Griffin murdered an abortion doctor in front of a Pensacola clinic. He's serving a life sentence. Paul Hill, one of Griffin's supporters, took the lives of an abortion doctor and his escort the following year. He was executed for his crime. One of Hill's supporters was caught by the FBI in Miami Beach. He was sentenced last year for plotting to blow up abortion clinics. The Florida department of law enforcement says it is monitoring the situation in Pinellas Park and, in its words, quote, collecting intelligence.

RUSH: So here we have these protesters outside the Schiavo hospice being compared to people that murdered abortion doctors, who were captured and who were punished for committing their crimes. So a report on protesters outside the Schiavo hospice, 75% of the report centers on ten-year-old, 12-year-old crimes involving the murder of abortion doctors, with the obvious conclusion that the same kind of people are outside the Schiavo hospice. Now listen again to last night's CNN montage, same reporter, about dolphins who beach themselves.

ZARRELLA: The dolphins needed her help. More than two dozen rough tooth dolphins required around-the-clock care. For 25-year-old Kate Banick and the others who came to save the dolphins, this was the most challenging, demanding part of the work, the animals in a penned off area of a rehabilitation facility had to be hand fed three times a day. Members of Banick 's team held their mouths open with pieces of cloth as she fed them dead herring. To provide the required round-the-clock care, hundreds came to work four-hour shifts. The volunteers are in the pool 24/7 holding the animals and keeping their blowholes out of the water so they can breathe. A veterinarian injects the dolphins with vitamin E to help with muscle cramping. These mammals are unable to eat on their own. Kate Banick uses a feeding tube to get them the nutrition they need.

So the people feeding dolphins via feeding tubes and keeping their blowholes out of the water are heroes, they're worthy of our respect and love and adoration. The people outside the Schiavo hospice were akin to those who murder abortion doctors. Thank you, CNN. Thank you, John Zarrella, for once again proving me, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-thinking, all-concerned Maha Rushie, exactly right in my prediction.

From Here



Public Address Word Quiz


The language of top government officials at various press
conferences and public appearances provides us with this
list of test words. How many of them can you correctly define?

1. agenda (n.) - A: schedule. B: assignment. C: addition.
D: common practice.

2. annex (v.) - A: to destroy. B: add to. C: interpret.
D: cross out.

3. defray (v.) - A: to use together. B: pull back. C: pro-
vide money for. D: cheat.

4. dictate (v.) - A: to explain. B: defend. C: understand.
D: require.

5. renegade (adj.) - A: traitorous. B: destitute.
C: cowardly. D: uncontrollable.

6. humanitarian (adj.) - A: patriotic. B: philanthropic.
C: common. D: misanthropic.

7. unwarranted (adj.) - A: nonaggressive. B: unexpected.
C: disenchanted. D: not justifiable.

8. modality (n.) - A: form or pattern. B: transition.
C: difficulty. D: experiment.

9. logistics (n.) - A: new concepts. B: game theory.
C: organization of supplies. D: normality.

10. base (adj.) - A: substantial. B: contemptible. C: reason-
able. D: average.

11. profiteer (v.) - A: to harass. B: make excess profits.
C: predict. D: compete.

12. implement (v.) - A: to pry open. B: put into effect.
C: penetrate. D: lead or direct.

13. transitory (adj.) - A: unimportant. B: imperfect.
C: temporary. D: fragile.

14. flag (v.) - A: to be enthusiastic. B: lose strength.
C: punish. D: challenge.

15. interdiction (n.) - A: decree forbidding something.
B: firmness. C: accusation of wrongdoing. D: plea for

16. format (n.) - A: adherence to standards. B: repetition.
C: explanation. D: structure or arrangement.

17. extraneous (adj.) - A: inconspicuous. B: noticeable.
C: unusual. D: irrelevant.

18. sequester (v.) - A: to follow. B: round up. C: withdraw.
D: question closely.

19. mediator (n.) - person who A: intrudes. B: settles
putes. C: is thoughtful. D: makes demands.

20. resolute (adj.) - A: determined. B: blunt. C: opinion-
ated. D: cruel.

(Answers below - look for UNC prof)


A Company Of Soldiers

The image “http://www.savannahnow.com/features/iraq/images/full/April07_05.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Take a look at some brave soldiers in Iraq.
PBS's FRONTLINE followed a group of soldiers
stationed in Baghdad for a full month.



How Does This Work???




A Matter of Life and Death

The image “http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/ENCgermany.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Historian Richard Weikart explores that topic in a book called
provocative title, Weikart
is no sensationalist. He's not out to prove that
Hitler and the Nazi
party were directly inspired by Charles Darwin's theories.
But what
Weikart does demonstrate, through exhaustive research, is that
ideas about the origin of species helped create a culture
that devalued human
life. And in that culture, Nazism was able
to thrive.



WW II Poster

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Howdy Video


Click HERE!!!

(not really)



Right Turn On Red???





An African ostrich egg weighs about 30 lbs. A 200 lb man
can stand on it without breaking it.

Pogo sticks were first used by sacrificial dancers in Borneo.

The biggest tomato on record weighed 7 1/2 pounds.

Put Up Your Dukes

Meaning: Raise your fists and get ready to fight.
In the early 1800's, the Duke of York, Frederick Augustus,
shocked English society by taking up boxing, He gained such
admiration from boxers that many started referring to their
fists as the "Dukes of York," and later, "dukes."

No Bones About It

Meaning: Without a doubt
The Oxford English Dictionary traces this phrase to a
1459 reference to eating stew. Stew-eaters had to be
careful not to swallow bones. If a bowl of stew had no
bones in it, one could eat it without hesitation.

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D I S C L A I M E R If someone should ask if it's legal to download songs
found on various non-commercial sites, such as this one.

Well, I'm neither a lawyer nor a technician,
and I've begun to wonder if it was legal for
us to tape music off the radio back when
tape recorders first came into being.

And were we committing a crime when we recorded
a movie shown on TV with our VCRs? And was it
really legal to buy a dual-deck recorder for the
express purpose of duplicating cassettes?

My answer to all of the above is, "I don't know."

Nonetheless, here is a formal statement in
some kind of legalize that appears to apply
to this kind of file availability:

The songs on this site are copyrighted by their respective artists and are placed here
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