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My friend Judy was working at the Chapel Hill Inn when she
answered a call for information about the inn. After finishing
the conversation, Judy stepped away from the desk.

When the phone rang again, a UNC student intern took the call.

"I forgot to ask something." the caller said, "How are the
rooms appointed?"

"Well, six of them are appointed west," the student said,
"and the rest are appointed east."


"Thought & Humor" is now read in all 50 States,
61 Countries, ALL 7 Continents, many Island Nations,
Oxford, Cambridge, every Ivy League School
& all major American Universities including UNC!!!


When I was a kid, we walked 10 miles to school every day,
sometimes in the rain or snow. Man, did we feel stupid when
we found out there was a bus.


Permission is hereby granted for you to change all
humor used in this BLOG, The"E-Mail Newspaper",
'Thought &
Humor' and its subsidiaries related to the
of lower learning hereby known as UNC to
of your choice from the list below:

1) Any French University
2) Harvard or U.C.-Berkeley
3) Any accredited high school or middle school
4) Any Loggerheads & Pundits
5) Any and all persnickety individuals or nincompoops
6) Any Chapel Hill, NC Citizen unless same sends an offspring
to Duke, NCSU, JSU, Villanova, MSU or Florida State.


A sign over a display of pine boards at HOME DEPOT:
"Knotty, but Nice!"


A man is driving down a country road, when he spots a UNC
grad who is a farmer standing in the middle of a huge field of
grass. He pulls the car over to the side of the road and notices
that the grad is just standing there, doing nothing. The man gets
out of the car, walks all the way out to the farmer and asks
him, "Excuse me mister, but what are you doing?"

The farmer replies, "I'm trying to win a Nobel Prize."

"How?" asks the man, puzzled.

"Well...I heard they give the Nobel Prize to people who are
out standing in their field."


"Don't forget that people will judge you by your actions,
not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold -
but so does a hard-boiled egg."


Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled.


An account executive at a stock-and-bond firm telephoned
a UNC grad client who had purchased her first stock - one
hundred shares of Proctor & Gamble. He told her that he
had just heard they were going to split.

"Oh! What a shame." she lamented. "I'm so sorry to hear
that. And, they've been together for so long, too."



...The government is still analyzing Osama bin Laden's latest tape.
On his most recent release he called Bush a liar and said that he
was just after oil. It's the usual stuff we have heard before. Like
at the Golden Globes.

... On the tape, bin Laden has three demands: That we pull our
troops out of Iraq, that we pull the troops out of Afghanistan,
and he wants to see actual stars on "Dancing With the Stars."

... The "National Inquirer" has reported that Ted Kennedy
has a 21-year-old secret love child. Is that really the most
accurate term, "love child"? Isn't "drunken fling child"
bit more like it?

... Senator Kennedy wasn't available for comment on the
love child—he was overseeing a hearing on ethics.

... NBC has cancelled the "West Wing." That's when you
know things are bad—when even fictional Democrats
aren't doing well. Can't even get elected on TV anymore.

Jay Leno


Just Us

Not too long ago my wife and I rented a convertible and took off for the
Gulf Coast. Driving down the Interstate brought back a memory of when
first began courting her.

My mind drifted back over 12 years ago, the two of us cruising with the top
down on my Geo Tracker, traveling across south Arkansas on Highway 82.
remember looking over at this incredible, amazing girl sitting in the
passenger seat. She was beautiful. Her hair was pushed down tight under a
ballcap as the hot summer wind whipped all around us. The sun was shining,
the music was loud, and, although she preferred more refined modes of
travel, such as a Boeing, life for me was just about as good as it could
get. Man, I wanted to spend the rest of my earthly days just like this, side
by side with this girl, traveling down life's highway. In my feeble attempt
to Define The Relationship, with all the courage I could muster, this
utterance came forth:

"Well, summer is about over and you're heading back to college,
and I just
wondered, uh, well, you know, um, what did you have in
mind about us? I
mean, uh, you know, I want us to keep this going
long distance, and, uh, be
just you and me, you know, I mean, ex -
clusively, because, I, uh, have no
interest in anyone else."

There. In all its poetic beauty, it was out in the open. The tears of joy
should be flowing soon.

She sat there, staring forward, not responding. Were my words hanging in
air, or had they been blown away, dispersed into tiny particles among the
dragonflies and mimosas? Maybe she couldn't quite make out what I'd said
from all the wind noise, since usually when someone bares their soul there
is some acknowledgement of the fact.

"Well, what do you think over there?" I asked again. "Yoo-hoo! Because
like, you know, very happy with all of this, you know, me and you and us,
this whole thing." I motioned with my hand, pointing back and forth between
her and me, a little sign lingo for clarification.

"Oh, this is great," she said. "I really like you and I'm having so much
fun." OK, I thought, fun is good, but theme parks are fun. We're not on
vacation, though. I have a destination in mind and it's not Disneyland.

"But I don't think I'm ready to be exclusive."



Moses in Reverse

In light of news reports indicating an outright victory for Hamas in the
recent Palestinian elections, Arafat's legacy acquires a heightened

The death of Yasser Arafat brings to a close one of the most tumultuous
tragic lives of our times. The man William Safire would label "the only
lifelong terrorist to win a Nobel Peace Prize" was a man of contradictions
and controversy from the very start, and his death raises many questions
about the future of the Palestinian people he led for almost forty years.



Word Quiz 1.27.6

These words come from a recent memoir
"Kiss Me Like a Stranger." How many
you know?

1. patsy (n.) - A: desert flower. B: flat pile of meat.
C: sucker. D: microscopic garment.

2. valet (n.) - A: royal aide. B: new soldier. C: personal
assistant. D: clown.

3. angora (n.) - A: tight-fitting sweater. B: expensive
hanky. C: pink hue. D: animal hair used for wool.

4. deftly (adv.) - A: skillfully. B: silently. C: laboriously.
D: lazily.

5. analogy (n.) - A: cause of sneezing and watery eyes.
B: comparison. C: invitation. D: explanation.

6. audacity (n.) - A: keen sense of hearing. B: premonition.
C: boldness. D: despair.

7. depleted (adj.) - A: drained. B: filled. C: damaged.
D: impure.

8. gallantry (n.) - A: courteous act. B: foolish act.
C: unusual act. D: two-handled jug.

9. sullen (adj.) - A: gloomy. B: dirty. C: abandoned. D: hot.

10. malarkey (n.) - A: infectious disease. B: loud cough.
C: nonsense. D: insecticide.

11. ascension (n.) - A: claim. B: act of rising. C: act of
lowering down. D: insult.

12. palette (n.) - A: racket used for sports. B: pale hue.
C: wooden platform. D: painter's tool.

13. compulsion (n.) - A: distaste. B: irresistible impulse.
C: forced act. D: anxiety over a likely result.

14. endemic (adj.) - A: rapid. B: swollen. C: native to.
D: uncharacteristic of.

15. impregnable (adj.) - A: barren. B: easily persuaded.
C: skeptical. D: impenetrable.

16. guttural (adj.) - A: related to the shoreline. B: from
the throat. C: associated with the gutter. D: talkative.




1) cantankerous kan tangkeress (adjective) : easily angered
and difficult to get along with
Mid-18th century.

Origin uncertain: probably a blend of
rancorous and an unknown
element (or perhaps via Middle
English contekour "brawler"
from assumed Anglo-Norman
contek "strife."

2) judder judder (intransitive verb)
: to shake or vibrate violently
and rapidly, or to move
while shaking Mid-20th century. An
imitation of the sound.


F-22 & B-2
The World's Best






"When teachers in 1940 were asked to identify top problems in
the public schools, they said, 'talking out of turn, chewing gum,
making noise.'
In 1990, teachers said, 'drug and alcohol abuse,
pregnancy, suicide, rape,
robbery, and assault.'"



A tour bus load full of noisy UNC students arrives at Runnymede,

They gather around the guide who says, "This is the spot
where the barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta."

One Sophomore pushing his way to the front of the crowd asks,
"When did that happen?"

"1215," answers the guide.

The student looks at his watch and says, "Shoot! Just missed it
by a half hour!"


For University Students & Faculty

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A baby penguin walks into a bar and says to the bartender,
"Have you seen my dad?"

The bartender says, "What does he look like?"


Two UNC student travelers, obviously nervous about their flight,
bought some flight insurance at the terminal.

They couldn't decide who to name as beneficiaries, however.

They ended up each naming the other and happily boarded the plane.


Have you heard about the amazing new discovery?

It's a pill that is half aspirin and half glue for people
who have splitting headaches.



Earthquakes can strike without warning, and being prepared for such a
disaster can mean the difference between life and death. Here are some
tips to help you and your loved ones make it through a quake:

~ Those living in areas not prone to earthquakes can respond quickly to
the plight of disaster victims in quake zones by complacently smirking and
saying, "I told you so."

~ To minimize loss and damage in a quake, try not to own things.

~ Practice your burrowing-out-from-under-40-tons-of-rubble skills ahead of time.

~ Look out your window often. If you see a large, zig-zag-shaped crevasse
moving rapidly from the horizon toward your home, step either to the right or the left.

~ Do you have a treasured childhood toy? Perhaps a stuffed animal, such
as a teddy bear? Well, let's see Mr. Bear help you now!

~ For those who fear earthquakes, it may comfort you to know that a
majority of the damage during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake did not
come from the tremors themselves. Instead, it was from the raging,
out-of-control fires that consumed most of the city.

~ A doorway is the safest place to be during a quake. Eat, sleep, and work in doorways.

~ Be sure to mail your house-insurance payments a full five business days
before a major earthquake strikes.

~ In the event of a quake, get under something heavy, such as a desk, a
table, or your boss.

~ If you are caught in a major earthquake in Southern California and are
part of the entertainment industry, take a moment or two to reflect on
how grossly you've wasted your life.

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D I S C L A I M E R If someone should ask if it's legal to download songs
found on various non-commercial sites, such as this one.

Well, I'm neither a lawyer nor a technician,
and I've begun to wonder if it was legal for
us to tape music off the radio back when
tape recorders first came into being.

And were we committing a crime when we recorded
a movie shown on TV with our VCRs? And was it
really legal to buy a dual-deck recorder for the
express purpose of duplicating cassettes?

My answer to all of the above is, "I don't know."

Nonetheless, here is a formal statement in
some kind of legalize that appears to apply
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The songs on this site are copyrighted by their respective artists and are placed here
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