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Whether loved or hated, Israel is a magnet.
Although no larger than the state of New
Jersey, she draws journalists, statesmen,
and tourists from all over the world to a
few acres of the most contested real estate
on earth.


Earth at night - a composite of many satellite photographs.
"The Evidence You Are Loved"
Isaiah 49:15-16

Listen to the audio broadcast!

Most of us don't have a friendly neighborhood blacksmith anymore. Some of us city folks might never see one if they didn't have them at historic sites and some old-time American theme parks. I'm pretty sure the first blacksmith our three- year-old granddaughter ever saw was the one at the park we took her to not long ago. When we stopped by the blacksmith's shop, we were the only ones there. Our granddaughter was pretty interested in his fire and how he pounded these hot, shapeless metal things into useful objects. Later, as we started to leave, Mr. Blacksmith stopped us. Even though he does some pretty tough work, he was obviously a caring man. He caught up with us because he wanted to do something special for our little girl - he handed her a nail that he had just made. She wouldn't let go of that nail for most of the rest of the day. And it's still one of her treasures.

I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You today about "The Evidence You Are Loved."

Our granddaughter has a reminder of a blacksmith who took a special interest in her - the evidence is a nail. It's hard for me to think about that without thinking of the Man who demonstrated His love for me with the same kind of evidence - a nail. Actually, three nails - the two they drove through His hands and the one they drove through His feet when they hung Him on a cross.

Jesus brought back to heaven only one thing from His visit to earth - the nail prints in His hands and feet. They are the unarguable evidence of how very much Jesus loves you. I don't know what your experiences with love have been life in your life. Maybe you've been blessed to have lots of love over the years. You can still be missing the love you were made for - the love on which your eternity depends - the love of Jesus Christ. Or maybe love - or the absence of it - has been the source of a lot of hurt and disappointment in your life. Because we tend to expect from God the same kind of treatment we've gotten from humans, it just may be hard for you to believe that the greatest Person in the universe deeply loves you.

Consider the nails. Consider His wounds. It was, in fact, the sight of those wounds that drove a man named Thomas to throw open His life to Jesus. Thomas had followed Jesus for three years. He had heard all the sermons, seen all the miracles. But apparently he had withheld his total commitment. When Jesus came back from the grave and appeared to all the disciples but Thomas, Thomas said he would not believe that Jesus was alive unless he touched the wounds from His death on the cross. When Jesus appeared a second time with Thomas in the room, He invited the doubter to come and touch the holes the nails and the spear had left. All Thomas could do was to fall on his knees and cry out, "My Lord and My God." (John 20:28)

The awful punishment that Jesus submitted Himself to was, in reality, the punishment for my sin - for your sin. And the worst punishment wasn't what people could see. It was the Son of God being totally cut off from God the Father as He carried all the horror and all the hell of our sin. The certainty of His love is powerfully expressed in Isaiah 49:15-16, which is our word for today from the Word of God: "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands." Every time Jesus looks at His hands, He thinks of you and me because His love for us is engraved there in the print of the nails.

That's why it's so unforgivable to reject His love. You may not mean to reject Him, but if a gift is offered to you and you just sit there, you have rejected both the gift and the giver. Jesus is holding out to you eternal life in heaven; the forgiving of every sin of your life. The greatest mistake a person can make is to fail to respond to the life-giving love of Jesus Christ. If you've never actually given yourself to the Savior who gave His life for you, don't risk one more day without Him. Today tell Him, "Jesus, I am Yours."

If you're ready to experience His love for yourself, let me encourage you to visit our website at yoursforlife.net. You can read or you can listen to a simple explanation of how to be sure you've begun your relationship with Jesus. That's yoursforlife.net. Or you can call for the Yours For Life booklet at 877-741-1200.

You know, Jesus has been reaching for you for a long time with a hand with scars that prove how much He loves you. He won't be reaching forever. Isn't it time you grabbed His hand?

If you're not sure you belong to Jesus, and you would like to make sure today, Ron would like to send to you a free copy of the booklet, "Yours for Life: How to Have Life's Most Important Relationship." To read it online, click here:

OR, to request your free copy of "Yours for Life," click here:
Ever wonder what Jesus meant when He said, "Let him who has ears, hear?"
Well, an experience relayed to me by my good friend R. C. Sproul helps us
understand the words of Jesus in today's culture.

Some years ago, Sproul offered a rigorous course in Romans. Two hundred
serious disciples signed up. Half-way through the course, Sproul took a week
off to enroll in Evangelism Explosion (EE) courses. When he came back, he told
his students about EE, including conversation openers like, "Why should God
let you into heaven?" On a whim, he asked class members how they would answer.

Anyone who knows Sproul knows he teaches the great evangelical doctrine
in Romans, justification by faith alone, in unmistakable terms. Every student
should have known the answer. Not so. There were awkward pauses; some
people mumbled about living a good life. Only thirty out of two hundred answered
correctly. How could this be?

The answer may be found in two contemporary trends. First, modern evangelicalism
puts undue weight on experience; if somebody lacks a personal testimony -- and
the more dramatic the better -- he is made to feel like a second-class believer.
This heavy reliance on feelings carries over in discipleship and worship.
Contemporary music is intended to -- and often does -- whip people into a
spiritual frenzy.

Our literature talks about "feeling" the presence of the Spirit -- or
experiencing God's presence. This is all to the good when it results in people
making a personal commitment to Jesus. But it can be dangerous when that is
all there is. Doctrine may be seen as abstract and inaccessible because it seems
unrelated to personal experience.

The second trend has to do with our high-tech age. Today, information is
transmitted by images -- pictures on televisions and computer screens. Modern
technology teaches us in the same way cartoons teach us: images, rather than
demanding that we wrestle with tough, analytical concepts. Experts tell us that
learning through images rather than words results in a diminished capacity for
complex thought.

Department of Education surveys tell the shocking story. In 1992, only forty
percent of college graduates were deemed literate; that is, able to read and
understand complex arguments and to give comprehensive answers. That is
shockingly low. But even worse was the 2003 study, when literacy had declined
to an astonishing 31 percent. This is why a group of today's college graduates
could sit through a course on Romans and complex doctrine and not get it.

Of all people, Christians must learn how to engage the mind and to employ
reason and logic, to understand difficult concepts and grapple with complex
propositions. After all, the Gospel is revealed propositional truth,
communicated to us in a complex book. This is why Christians have always
championed public education and launched so many institutions of higher

And, want some good advice? Make your kids read books. Following the barbarian
conquest of Europe, Irish monks preserved books in their monasteries. As the
barbarian hordes receded, they sent missionaries back to the continent to teach
reading and the Bible.

Perhaps it is time again for Christians to prepare missionaries -- to teach
people to think.

He who has ears -- let him hear.
Shifting the Blame
Junk Science Strikes Again

Sometimes you have to wonder just who is funding scientific studies these days.
There has to be some explanation for all the research on bizarre subjects.

Like the study that came out recently in the journal PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL
DIFFERENCES, which purports to show that taller women are more career-oriented
and less motherly than short women. I kid you not. Britain's Sunday TIMES summed
up the study this way: "The taller a woman is, the less maternal her
personality. . . . Taller women aim for fewer children, and put off having their
first for longer, the research found. But they set more store by a career than
shorter women, and are more competitive."

This is not because tall women have trouble finding dates, the researchers
assure us. It's because tall women have more testosterone than shorter women.
Well, they didn't actually test to see if that were the case, but they think
it's true. Go figure.

I think it was around this point that I really started to wonder about the

Meanwhile another team of scientists has discovered a possible biological reason
for infidelity among women. According to the journal HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR --
there is such a journal -- women feel more or less attracted to their romantic
partners according to the time of the month. It seems that women prefer
different kinds of men at different points during their cycle, which means, says
one researcher, that "commitment to long-term partners falters . . . [or]
strengthens" at these particular times.

What does all this mean? Wendell Cantrell, one of the stellar graduates of our
Centurions program, provides this useful summary:

"For single men -- stay away from tall women if you prefer a large brood and a
stay-at-home mom.

"Fathers -- you can determine the masculinity of your son-in-law by determining
when . . . [your daughter likes] certain men.

"Husbands -- beware of your wife's activities during the second week of her

All of this would be hysterically funny if it were not so disturbing. You see,
the trouble with studies like these is that they provide just one more
opportunity for people to shift the blame for anything they do. This time, it
lets them blame their biology.

Remember the so-called "gay gene" study? It was eventually debunked, but that
did not matter. The study had already been so widely publicized in the press
that many people still believe that homosexuality is entirely a matter of

It's possible that studies like these new ones could provide the same
justification for adultery. Anytime a scientific study gives us a convenient
excuse for doing what we want, we tend to latch onto it, whether the study is
problematic or not -- or absurd like these.

I am not saying that biology has nothing at all to do with our behavior. Of
course it has an effect, and that effect deserves to be carefully studied like
any other scientific subject. I am simply saying that biology is not the only
factor, and that we need to remember that the process of civilizing our
societies and building character involves controlling impulses, whether they are
biologically induced or otherwise. No society can be healthy in which
individuals do not take responsibility for their own misbehavior.

An Historic Faith
by R.C. Sproul
An Excerpt from the February 2006 issue of Tabletalk

“Once upon a time....” These words signal the beginning of a fairy tale, a story of make believe, not an account of sober history. Unlike beginning with the words “once upon a time,” the Bible begins with the words, “In the beginning God....” This statement, at the front end of the entire Bible, introduces the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Old Testament, and it sets the stage for God’s activity in linear history. From the opening chapters of Genesis to the end of the book of Revelation, the entire dynamic of redemption takes place within the broader setting of real space and time, of concrete history.

The historical character of Judeo-Christianity is what markedly distinguishes it from all forms of mythology. A myth finds its value in its moral or spiritual application, while its historical reality remains insignificant. The twentieth century witnessed a crisis in the historical dimension of biblical Christianity. German theologians made a crucial distinction between ordinary history and what they called “salvation history,” or sometimes “redemptive history.” This distinction was based in the first instance on the obvious character of sacred Scripture, namely, that it is not only a record of the ordinary events of men and nations. It is not a mere chronicle of human activity but includes within it the revelation of God’s activity in the midst of history. Because the Bible differs from ordinary history and was called “salvation history,” it was a short step from there to ripping the biblical revelation out of its historical context altogether. No one was more important in the snatching of the Gospels out of history than the German theologian Rudolf Bultmann. Bultmann devised a new theology that he called “a theology of timelessness.” This theology of timelessness is not interested in the past or in the future as categories of reality. What counts according to Bultmann is the hic et nunc, the “here and now,” or the present moment. Salvation doesn’t take place on the horizontal plane of history, but it takes place vertically in the present moment or what others called “the existential moment.”

When salvation is understood in these terms, the whole notion of linear history becomes basically insignificant and unimportant. The old quest for the historical Jesus can then be abandoned as being a fool’s errand. Again, for Bultmann’s existential Gospel, salvation comes directly and immediately from above. It comes from the vertical plane, in a moment of existential crisis.

Oscar Cullman, the Swiss scholar, wrote strenuously combating the vertical, existential theology of Bultmann by doing a fascinating study of the concept of time itself in Scripture. He emphasized, for example, the distinction between two Greek words, both of which can be translated by the English word time. The two Greek words are kairos and chronos. Chronos refers to the moment-by-moment passage of time. It is the word from which English words like chronicle, chronology, or chronometer are derived. It refers to the ordinary passage of time in history. Kairos refers to a particularly pregnant moment in history that is of enduring significance. A kairotic moment is a moment that shapes the history of everything that comes after it. In the Old Testament, for example, the exodus was a kairotic moment. In the New Testament, the birth of Jesus, the cross, and the resurrection are all kairotic moments. The closest word we have to this in English is the word historic. Every event that takes place in history is historical, but not every event that takes place in history is deemed historic. To be historic it has to have special significance and special impact on life. So the Bible is the record of God’s historic works of redemption within the context of space and time. Take the Gospel and its message out of the context of history, and Christianity is destroyed altogether.

Dr. R.C. Sproul is minister of preaching and teaching at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Florida, and is theologian in residence for Ligonier Ministries.
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