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Dear Howdy,

The seats are filled with worshipers.
Their voices chant and cheer.
It's really almost spiritual.
You'd think that God was here.

They raise their hands and close their eyes.
They bow their heads and pray.
What happens next? They genuflect
and then they start to sway.

A wave of praise moves through the crowd.
They stand up to confess
allegiance to the pigskin god
while clad in their team's dress.

Like Romans back in Caesar's time
they watch the sacrifice.
Atonements made on grassy turf
with blood and pain and ice.

And so on this blest holiday
true followers abound.
But church is not the sacred place.
Ford Field is holy ground.

But what of that which matters more
than touchdowns, pads and rings?
Must God be sidelined, sacked or snubbed
for such less noble things?

Can true devotion that we see
this Sunday every year
be matched by what we see the church?
This day's a somber mirror.

Greg Asimakoupoulos

Re: Super Bowl

February 3, 2006

Note: This commentary was delivered by Prison Fellowship President Mark Earley.

Here's something you don't see every day: A minor criminal trying to convince
the world that he's much worse than he is.

As I'm sure you have heard by now, that's what happened with James Frey's
memoir, A MILLION LITTLE PIECES. After Oprah Winfrey selected it for her Book
Club in October, Frey's searing tale of his struggle with drug addiction and
crime hit the top of the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list. Frey's portrayal of
himself as a bad guy, rather than a victim, was seen as refreshingly honest.
Many people credited Frey with giving them hope in their own battles with

And then, almost by accident, a website called "The Smoking Gun" uncovered the
truth about James Frey. Looking for a mug shot of the author for their site,
researchers found "repeated dead ends" in police records. The more they
searched, the more fabrications they found.

For example, the violent incident where Frey hit a police officer with his car,
and then fought the arresting officers? It was actually a simple drunk-driving
arrest, no fighting happened, and no one was hit by a car. The three months Frey
spent in jail? It was actually about five hours. Quite a difference. And many
other details about Frey's arrest record were fabricated as well.

And then there was Frey's best friend in high school, who was killed in a train
accident on her way to meet him. According to her family, the girl barely knew
Frey and was not going to meet him at all. Frey had nothing to do with the
tragedy, except to use it to embellish his story.

Confronted with the evidence, Frey did a remarkable 180-degree turn. This time,
he chose to portray his accusers as the bad guys, instead of himself. "I never
expected the book to come under the kind of scrutiny that it has," Frey told
interviewer Larry King. He insisted that the disputed parts were a very small
percentage of the total book and explained that he stood by the "essential
truths of the book." To top it off, when Oprah called the Larry King show to
support Frey, she claimed that "the underlying message of redemption in James
Frey's memoir still resonates."

That's classic postmodernism: The truth doesn't matter as long as the story is
compelling. A completely false worldview is okay if it's helpful to you. This is
how we get news shows that publish "fake but accurate" documents, directors who
make fictional documentaries, and enhanced resumes.

To her credit, Oprah finally realized that no matter how compelling the story,
the public is still squeamish about someone selling fiction as fact. She
eventually changed her tune. She took Frey back on the show again, and this
time, she took him to task for his dishonesty and forced him to admit that he
had lied. Speaking directly to her viewers, Oprah stated, "I made a mistake, and
I left the impression that the truth does not matter, and I am deeply sorry
about that. . . . To everyone who has challenged me on this issue of truth, you
are absolutely right."

Good for Oprah. Let's hope Frey has learned his lesson as well. Subjectivity, as
he called it when talking to Larry King, is one thing; outright lies are
something very different. Frey's fictional memoir and his defensiveness show the
corrosiveness of postmodern thinking. It's a mentality that is far more
dangerous to society than any of Frey's made-up crimes.

The great halftime threat

by Paul Jacob

Something must be done — and now, on Super Bowl Sunday, before it's too late. The threat is not Al Qaeda. Not illegal aliens, bug-eyed aliens, or even global warming. It's far more subtle and insidious, infecting the very fabric of the heartland. The threat is halftime.

Halftime? Yes. It is growing like a cancer, taking over the game we love.

A normal person might not notice this, but I'm not normal. My football fanaticism could be viewed as an obsession. I get chills when I hear the Notre Dame fight song. I bleed Arkansas Razorback red. I can whistle the Alabama fight song (and don't even like the team). I still can't believe the Colts lost . . . in 1969. Soldier Field shines for me as a sacred shrine. I view Owen Field in Norman, Oklahoma, as a Texan views the Alamo — with honored reverence. I suppress the urge to pull over and watch any pick-up football game I drive past. My perfect Friday night is staying at home and watching the high school game on cable access. And yes, I cry at the movie Rudy. (Well, that might not be true. But if I were more "in touch with myself" I no doubt would.)

Still, whether you're a fanatic or a casual fan, our beloved football is being hijacked by alien forces upstaging the game itself.

It started innocently enough. A few well-meaning musicians wanting to support the teams in the style of a military band. But even that doesn't make sense. There's just no need to march. Playing a musical instrument is a precise and delicate talent. Marching just adds nonsensical difficulty to an already difficult activity. Do we ask doctors to swim while performing surgery? Artists to windsurf while painting? Cheerleaders to perform regression analysis while forming the pyramid?

Unfortunately, it didn't stop with the marching band. The rigamarole has become so complex that most of us wouldn't be shocked to see an on-field séance resurrect Ed Sullivan only to introduce David Copperfield to make football forever disappear from view.

And are we really so starved for entertainment that we can't go a few moments without some no-talent has-been fresh out of rehab banging out an alleged song that you've already heard too many times through your car window at the nearest intersection?

It's the championship game! How about reviewing the first half stats, and putting up enough athlete bios to give us time to visit the rest room and grab a bite to eat? Isn't there enough excitement in the great game of football without stuffing some self-absorbed Hollywood type into the 20-minute break?

Which brings up another problem. Lately, that 20 minutes has crept to 30 minutes . . . or 35 minutes . . . and in the case of a recent Orange Bowl, a 41-minute interruption! Even then, the two teams had to battle wheel ruts from that Sooner Schooner as well as fighting a lingering smoke cloud from a fizzled display of pyromania, er, pyrotechnics. If it had been cigarette smoke on the field, there would have been casualties. From the lawsuits, I mean.

We need change. Reform. I call for the complete banishment of non-players from the field. From the clueless Stanford trombonist to the Marching Boilermakers' rendition of Marvin Hamlisch . . . from the Marching Horned Frogs tribute to Tupperware to even the doggone dot on top of the Ohio State "I" — stay off the field!

The football field is sacred ground; it should be revered, treated more like Arlington Cemetery than La Cage aux Folles. Band members have great seats and should sit in them. Cheerleaders can have a station in front of the seats where the band sits. (Mind you, I offer no resistance to the cameras panning their area while players are in the huddle, or during a time out.)

But, of all the mid-game distractions, the team bands are relatively harmless. At least the band wears team colors and seems interested in the outcome of the game. The biggest threat to football is popular culture. If annoying bands defile the field, the corporate hip hop pop MTV crowd turns the sacrilege to full-fledged desecration.

This is not to vent some pent-up hatred of the Stones (whose music I've liked for a long time, time being, apparently, on their side) or to express a moral objection to Janet Jackson (I'm sure she has as perfect a breast as is surgically possible). What I'm getting at is this: the spotlight is being taken away from those who have worked and fought and bled to get to the pinnacle of the game. Just the thought of Justin Timberlake stepping on the same 50-yard line as Teddy Bruski sickens me. It is time to fight back.

Maybe the Steelers' defense should show up at the next P Daffy concert and demonstrate the meaning of unnecessary roughness between songs.

Whatever is done, we need a repurification of football.

And let the reforms begin at home: If the game isn't enough for you, watch something else! That's what Springer and Oprah and those stupid VH1 hottest celebrity break-up shows are for.

Halftime has morphed into a monster that overshadows the game. Like the Blob, it must be stopped. And like the remake of The Blob, it must not be watched.
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